Greek Life App Manages All Aspects of Your Fraternity or Sorority

Adding dozens of new members to a fraternity is easier than you may think. To some chapters adding 50 members may quadruple their chapter, to others it may just be another semester. All Greek fraternity chapters can use more quality, diversity, and the support that new members would bring. One selling point for new recruits is to let them know that your fraternity or sorority uses OurHouse, the mobile app for fraternity and sorority management.

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One part of the plan to get more recruits is simply making a pledge to meet three new people a day for thirty days straight. This is about conquering any social fears you may have, or to challenge yourself to take your social excellence to the next level. During this exercise you should be collecting two things: people’s names and their phone numbers. The goal is to make as many new friends as possible, and lead them into becoming a brother.

Even if you do not make a friend, by having their name and number you can still personally invite them to come out to events and other social functions. Even if your chapter only has five members willing to do this, it will still help with exponential growth. If five members each meet 90 new people within a month, that will be a network of 450 potential new members to invite out to your recruitment events.

Once you meet a potential pledge you need to promote your fraternity. I recommend that all fraternities sign up for OurHouse, the Greek life mobile app and web platform for managing all aspects of fraternal life. The app easily handles setting up events, meal planning, communication between members and much more. Not only is it a great asset for a fraternity, when shown to potential members, OurHouse becomes a real selling-point as to why joining your particular fraternity or sorority will be to person’s advantage.

Where to meet 90 people: It may seem impossible to meet and collect the information of 90 new people. To complete the challenge you must leave your comfort zone and be the most sociable person around. Great places to meet new people would be in class, while volunteering, in the gym, walking through residence halls, at formal or informal events on campus, at club meetings, through work (especially campus dining halls), or just walking up to a familiar face and saying hello. The longer you do this challenge, the easier collecting information will be. It will become a natural process that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Recruit Alumni: Do not limit your networking to undergraduates. Talk to teachers, bosses, professionals in the area, business owners, fathers/grandfathers of brothers, etc. Many chapters have programs to initiate people as alumni. Utilize this tool and bring countless professionals through your chapter that will serve both your local chapter and fraternity as a whole.

Also networking, and showing the benefits of your chapter to working professionals will provide a challenge that will yield greater long term reward. One great way to introduce a working professional into your fraternity is to ask for them to be a “Success Adviser” who gives an outside perspective to the business plan of your organization. By successfully recruiting alumni it will make recruiting undergraduates a breeze.

By completing this challenge you will have the ability to expand your chapters influence, increase the amount of people at your events, and improve the operation of your chapter as a whole. Your social excellence and salesmanship will be put to the test, and while recruiting alumni you will gain professional networking experience that may even help you get hired out of school. When you have networked with 90 new people, and your brothers have done the same, recruiting 50 or more of them will become an easy repeatable task.